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Ken Rockwell is a photographer who has a website with a lot of useful information mainly about Nikon equipment. He recently started to add other reviews (mainly Canon, but also Pentax 645 and some other stuff), but the site is still quite Nikon oriented.

His contributions are sometimes a bit controversial, because his point of view is sometimes exaggerated or caricatural and some of his statements are just incorrect, but overall, he has a lot of good things on his site. If you take his advice with a grain of salt, there is quite some valuable information to be found. His reviews are interesting, just be careful when he compares consumer grade equipment to professional stuff, because the conclusions might be funny or interesting to amateurs but can be scientifically incorrect. As usual on the net, you need to act like an adult and use common sense when using the information you find. I am among the people who use his site to gather information about cameras and lenses.

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